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Miss Sapphire / Pink

"Miss Sapphire - Fucking Myself For You" now available on Affect3D

Sapphire has been waiting for you, and she's been horny for a while. Watch this gorgeous blue azure angel fuck herself for you.

Miss Sapphire is available here

Last time the lovely Miss Sapphire couldn’t hold herself back and decided to give us a very special show where we could watch her pleasure herself from all angles. But being all by yourself can get a bit lonely.. Lucky for her someone had been listening from the other side of the door, and she’s very eager to join in on the party.

Surprisingly this pink-haired beauty almost looks like a spotting image of Miss Sapphire herself, but with one big difference, she’s packing a big cock! Will she be able to satisfy Miss Sapphire’s needs and bring her to the climax she so eagerly desires or will Miss Sapphire be the one to take control and bring the futanari girl to new heights.

Miss Sapphire - Another Me is available here

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